Sea kayak

To quietly glide into the sea kayak among islands, cobs and skerries is a fantastic nature experience. When you rent a kayak at Hasselö you are already in the middle of the archipelago and the best experiences begin as soon as you take a seat in the kayak. In the summer we rent kayaks at Hasselö Sand, but even during the rest of the year you can pre-book kayaks with us!

Tip: for those who travel by kayak along the coast, Hasselö is an excellent stop; it is easy to stay at the beach, in Handelsboa you can supply and on the island there are service and facilities of various kinds.

Price list
 Max 8 hours 1 day 2 days Extra day Week
Sea kayak (K1)* 295  375 650 200 1650
Double kayak (sea kayak K2) 350  550 850 250 2100
Kayak for playing (sit on top K1) SEK 60/hour, SEK 160/4 hours
Our kayaks

K1: Our one-man kayaks (K1) are called Seabird Expidition and come from Västervik’s canoe shipyard (VKV). It is a stable model that is suitable for beginners as well as for more experienced paddlers. The kayak has rudder, cargo space in the bow and straps on the outside.

Accessories: when renting a kayak always includes a life jacket, paddle, chapel and map.


Handelsboa Hasselö:, tfn +46-490-911 30